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How to fulfill an assessment as an opponent

Thesis assessment

For the assessment of the WUR PhD theses an assessment committee is composed. When the assessment committee is approved each member, including the opponents, receives via email an invitation to assess the thesis.

Access to the thesis

Click on the link in the email to get access to the thesis:

Email - Compose and 6 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

In the next screen request the code by email.

In this case you 
cannot use your WUR account to login when you are a WUR employee; only login through security code will be accepted.

The moment you request a security code, it will be send to your email address. It might take several minutes before you receive this email.
Please wait for this email to be delivered and don't request another new security code

The validity of the code is about 15 min.

Additional authentication required and 8 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

Enter the 6-digit code and click ‘submit code’.

  1. Download the thesis and authorhip statement.
  2. Download the indicated type of rubric.
  3. Fill out the assessment.

Click on Submit the assessment.

It's possible to save a draft and re-enter to finalize the assessment at another time. Meanwhile, reminders via email will be send to you to submit the assessment.

After submission

  • As soon as all members of the assessment committee have evaluated the thesis, the Doctoral Service Centre will be asked for a final review. 
  • If all reviews are positive the thesis is approved. You will receive a notification by email about this.
  • If the thesis is not approved a rebuttal process will be started. If necessary you will be informed about this by email.