How to complete a Qualifying Exam (QE)?

General information

The qualifying exam isan examination required for certain students to prove their preparedness and capabilities to apply and synthesize the skills and knowledge during the graduate program. A qualifying exam is mandatory if your degree does not fulfil the entree requirements of WU. Your supervisor will establish a QE which needs to be approved by the PhD Office before a PhD candidate can execute a QE.

Executing a Qualifying Exam  

You can find your QE in your dashboard from your PhD project in Hora Finita. You need to log in and navigate to the PhD checklist. Click on “requirement” underneath ‘Requirement: Take Qualifying Exam”.

Now you can upload your evidence of executing a QE in the field ‘attachment’

If you want to submit the QE later, you can press the button ‘Save’ and submit your QE when you are ready.

Submit Qualifying Exam

When you are ready to continue with your submission you can use the button “Submit” to submit the file for review.

You will get a message at the top of your screen if your submission is successful sent for a review.


If your QE has been approved by the PhD Office, you will receive the following email:


If your QE has been rejected by the PhD Office, you will receive the following email with feedback:

You can resubmit your QE by following the previous steps and upload your new evidence in the field “attachment” again.