How to register for MSc courses?

If a PhD candidate needs to take courses, each new academic year a registration form needs to be filled out.

Request to register for MSc courses

Send an email to the secretary of your Chair group to request the registration form for MSc courses. The Chair group secretary generates the 'Course registration form' document in Hora Finita.
If the chair group is not available, in urgent cases the request can be send to the Graduate School.

In case of taking courses as part of a QE (Qualifying Exam), we advise you to consult the following instruction: How to complete a Qualifying Exam (QE)? | Hora Finita: PhD candidates

Download the Course registration form

  • Log into Hora Finita and go to 'My PhD' on your Dashboard.
  • Click 'Documents'.
  • Select 'Course Registration Form' to download the document.

Complete the form and email this to your Graduate School.

The Graduate School will check the form and uploads it into Hora Finita from where it will be sent to the Student Service Centre.


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