How to upload propositions in Hora Finita?

Uploading your propositions

You can upload your propositions by logging in to Hora Finita and going to your Dashboard.

1. Click on the 'Graduation phase' tab.

2. Click on the 'Submit propositions' tab.

You can also upload your propositions by going to your PhD checklist on your Dashboard.


Upload a PDF document by using the ‘Browse’ button.

You can submit your propositions by clicking on the ‘Send’ button. You will receive the following message on top of your screen:

An email notification with the request to review the propositions will be send to the supervisor.

Current workflow after uploading propositions

Currently, the process of reviewing the propositions after you submitted them in Hora Finita, takes place outside the Hora Finita environment. After you submit the propositions, the Doctoral Service Centre contacts you via your WUR outlook-email and everything about the propositions is discussed and changed over email correspondence.

When your propositions are rejected, the Doctoral Service Centre emails you on the steps to take after rejection in order to get a final approved version. When a final version is approved, this approval is registered in Hora Finita.

The current process for reviewing propositions is as follows:

  1. The PhD candidate submits the propositions via Hora Finita.
  2. The supervisor is notified of this submission and approves the propositions.
  3. After this the Doctoral Service Centre is notified of this submission and downloads the propositions.
  4. A member of the CvP (College van Promoties) will then review the propositions.
  5. Via outlook, potential rejections and feedback are communicated to the PhD candidate until a consensus on the final version of the propositions is reached.
     Correspondence with the Doctoral Service Centre should be done via
  6. The PhD Office then changes the original proposal document for the final version in Hora Finita.
  7. The PhD Office approves the propositions in Hora Finita.
  8. The PhD candidate receives an email notifying them on the approval of their propositions.


Once your propositions are approved you will receive the following e-mail:


If your propositions are rejected, you will receive an email informing you of the rejection along with feedback stating what changes/improvements must be made in order for the propositions to be approved.

Please note: you can not resubmit the propositions via Hora Finita! You should directly submit then to the Doctoral Service Centre via email to [email protected].


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