How to create a photo list of the students in a course

To create a list of passport photos from all students registered for a course, a report can be generated from OSIRIS-Lecturer. It is recommended to do this after the registration deadline.

This manual describes how to create a list of passport photos from all students registered for the course in Osiris-Lecturer for course coordinators and examiners.

Start screen 

1. Click on Menu > Reports

Here you see 3 reports.

9.2.06: This is a list of passport photos

9.2.65: This is an Excel file with all information of the students for a course

9.2.72: This is a pdf file with students on the waiting list, if a course has a waiting list

2. In this case click in the right column Reports on "9.2.06 - List of passport photos" to create the passport photo file.

3. Add the course code, the year (the start year of the academic year) and the period (starting block) of the course for which you want to obtain the list of passport photos. This starting block can be the period in which the course is taught and then gives the passport photos of students in the course. You can also generate a passport photo list for the resit students in RESIT1 (resit exam in February) or RESIT2 (resit exam in August).

4. The file format to choose from is pdf, html or rtf. The cover page contains the information you searched for, such as for which course and period this list of passport photos is created, so it is useful to keep Yes.

5. Click on Run.

NOTE: A pop-up window appears while you are waiting for the report. The more students are enrolled in your course, the longer it takes before the report is generated. After completion, the report will be downloaded just as any other file downloaded with your browser (Chrome, Firefox) after which you can save it in the appropriate place.