What is a grade input file and how to use it? (OSIRIS-Lecturer)

To enter multiple test results in batch, you can use a grade input file, that is an Excel file generated in OSIRIS-Basis or OSIRIS-Lecturer. See also the manuals 

The grade input file contains all students enrolled in the selected test (TENTAMEN), sorted on students' last name. It is strongly recommended to use this file to save results, and to upload them into OSIRIS. 

If students have not enrolled for the test, and you wish to enter a result, you first need to ask the secretariat to add the student to the test.  Only in Osiris-Basis students can be registered for courses and tests.

Grey area= keep as it is: The rows 1 to 8 should be kept as they are. They make up for a valid and identifiable grade input file when you upload the file into OSIRIS to enter grades.

The columns A, B, C and D should be kept as well. They are read by OSIRIS when you upload the file.

1.  The student's grade must be entered in Column D. OSIRIS only records the result of the course as a whole, so partial results of, for example, a written examination and a practical exam are not included. These partial results must be kept by the course coordinator or at the secretariat of the chair group.

Under row 8, the columns from column E (Next to Test date and Grade) up to and including H must be empty. From column I the columns can be renamed and used as you wish. Any partial results can be entered here. In this way, you can use the partial grades to calculate a final grade. Take into account the correct rounding of figures in column D 'Grade'. In the event of incorrect rounding, OSIRIS will give an error message when reading the file. Do not use formulas in the grade column! 

Work is still in progress on this file. If you have extra info in the columns starting from E and you get the following error message then you need to empty the cells in these columns. Error message: "you have no permission to change the subject".

In addition to the permitted digits (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 or 10), column D may also contain result codes such as INCOMPL, NOSHOW, and NOGRADE. For more information see How to use result grade codes?

It is preferred not to leave empty cells under Grade. Enter NOGRADE if a student didn't receive a mark for the course, or has unsubscribed. Enter NOSHOW for students who have not signed out for the test.

NB. Only column D ‘Grade’ will be loaded as final result. OSIRIS does not read the extra columns and will not save the sub-grades. The file will not be saved in OSIRIS, only loaded, and therefore it needs to be saved in your own records.

NB. By default, students in the grade input file are sorted by students' last name. If you choose to sort them differently, make sure you only start sorting from row 8 up and take care to keep consistency. Also, pay extra attention when students have the same surname.

2 + 3. Column C contains the Test date. As long as MS Excel identifies a date as date, Osiris can work with it. However, you could also leave the test date empty. When you are going to upload (read file) the grade input file, you then enter the date for all students at the same time (see below) and choose the date from the calendar. Which date is allowed can be found in the manual What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry? (the format for the test date is DD-MM-YYYY)