How can I see all the previous grades of a student for a specific course?

This manual describes how to view the previous results of a student for one of your courses.

In OSIRIS-Lecturer it is not possible to search for students. To find a student, this student must be present in one of the displayed results of the course (in the period itself, or in one of the RESIT possibilities). If you can't remember when a student took his exam, ask the secretariat for the overview of course results of a certain student.

1. In OSIRIS-Lecturer, choose Grade.

2. Type the course code for which you want to see the results, and the academic year. Results are shown for the period in which the course was taught, as well as RESIT1 (resit exams in February) and RESIT2 (resit exams in August) results; or multiple lines if the course has multiple exam opportunities in one academic year.

3. Choose an exam where the student took it.

4. All students who have taken the exam will be displayed. You can now search for the student by Surname or Student Number, or scroll through the list until you find the student in question.

5. Click on the 3 dots behind the student. Then select "Details test grade".

6. At "Final grade", the last entered grade result is shown. In this case a sufficient grade, which is also shown in the column "Sufficient" (Yes or No).

7. In the overview of obtained test grades all the results that have been entered are shown. Also all grades that were obtained before the introduction of OSIRIS (indicated as CONV in Block).