How to start as a chair group with the new procedure?

This is mandatory to use for all Wageningen MSc Theses, MSc Research Practices (both from November 15, 2022) and MSc Internships (from January 24, 2023) .

The procedure is always initiated by the student. So after you've agreed to be a supervisor for the student, the student will initiate the process and thereafter can complete the Learning Agreement based on the input of the 'intake' meeting you have with the student.

Of course, it is also an option that the student immediately enters the info in the online form during the intake meeting, depending on preferences.

The student can find the instructions on how to initiate the process at  
This URL is not broadly communicated to students to further safeguard that they will only initiate the process after finding a supervisor. So you as supervisor should communicate this link to your student.

(TIR= Thesis, Internship and Research Practice)