How to make a grade input file

Soon, BrightSpace will include an option to export the final grade for all students in a format that allows direct upload into Osiris. This is expected to be available late February/early March 2024.

In OSIRIS-Lecturer you can create a grade input file containing all students enrolled in a test. This file can be used to calculate grades and can later on be uploaded into OSIRIS. For more information, see the manuals What is a grade input file and how to use it? and How to enter results with a grade input file and How to use result grade codes?

This manual describes how to make a grade input file.

1. Go to OSIRIS-Lecturer and log in.

2. Click on Grade.

3. A screen appears with all exams for which you can enter grades. Select the proper course.

4. Click in the menu ACTIONS on Create file and save the grade input file in a secure environment. 

OSIRIS generates a special Excel file with all registered students (see below).

NB. The file is only complete when the registration for the exam is closed!