How to make an Excel file of the participants and facilities of the students in my course

From OSIRIS-Lecturer an Excel file can be created for all students enrolled in a course. It is recommended to do this after the enrolment deadline.

If you have an MSc course in period 1, it is recommended to create this file not earlier than 1 September. If you make this file in August, then the column study programme will be filled with the WUR Bachelor's programme instead of the student's MSc programme.

This manual describes how to create an Excel file of all students enrolled in the course (or a resit) in OSIRIS-Lecturer. This file also contains the facilities that a student has requested (e.g. 25% extra exam time), whether students meet the mandatory knowledge, and the latest result date of a student for resit students.

If you are only a lecturer, not a course coordinator or examiner, follow the manual How can I find the students' e-mail addresses in my course (direct mail or Excel file with all information)?

Click here to unfold explanation for students that need facilities (e.g. 25% extra exam time)

Students with an impairment or learning disability can request additional facilities for courses and tests from the examining board via the student dean.

Previously students contacted for each course, the course coordinator by sending the teachers letter ('Docentenbrief') which stated their assigned facility. That way the course coordinator knew for which student to arrange which facility.

In the new situation any granted facility must be activated for each course or exam by the student in the OSIRIS-Student application. They will not send teachers letters ('docentenbrieven') anymore. So it is necessary before the start of the course to download a list of requested facilities for this course.

Secretariats are able to download these overviews in OSIRIS-Basis and course coordinators can do it from OSIRIS-Lecturer.

NB. Since May 2021 it is not possible anymore to activate facilities for students for their course registrations manually. When you enrol a student for the course through OSIRIS-Basis, the student will automatically get all the facilities the student dean has granted to the student.

This means that if a student is granted extra facilities by the student dean during an education period, and would like to use these facilities for the test of your course, you can only add these facilities by dis-enrolling the student and re-enrolling them to your course. This is important to do, otherwise the student will not be able to get the right facilities in ANS (e.g. their extra time).

Activation of facilities after the registration deadline is not mandatory, it is at the discretion of the course coordinator. Obviously, only facilities that are granted by the examining board via the student dean can be activated. Ask your secretary to activate a facility for a student (see manual How to activate a facility for a student? (after Apr. 2021)).

Start screen

1. Click on Menu > Reports.

In the case of a course for which a waiting list exists, choose report 9.2.72 from the report list (this report is in both OSIRIS-Lecturer and Basis). This report, however, is not in an Excel file. In OSIRIS-Basis you can create an Excel file for students on the waiting list. If you don't have OSIRIS-Basis ask your secretary to make such an Excel file. See the manual How to process the enrolment of a course with a maximum? for making an Excel file and the steps to follow to identify students who can take part. The secretariat must then definitively enrol these students in the course.

2. For an Excel file with all the information of the students and the requested facilities by the student, select report 9.2.65 (for an easier to read layout see step 6-7 below). This report is called "Test Participants per student group" and is sorted by student number. This report 9.2.65 can also be generated by your secretary from OSIRIS-Basis.

3. Enter the course code of the course for which you want the Excel file, the year (is the starting year of the academic year), and the period (starting block). This can be the period in which the course is taught, but also RESIT1 (resit exam in February) or RESIT2 (resit exam in August).

4. The file format is automatically an Excel file.

5. Click on Run.

NOTEA waiting screen appears. The more students there are in the course, the longer it takes for the report to be made. When the Excel file is ready it will be downloaded as any other file you download using your browser (Chrome, Firefox), after which you can save it in the desired location.

Safety Requirements?!

In the report you will find the column Meets mandatory knowledge (where applicable) with student scoring either a Yes or No. These refer (for almost all courses) to the safety modules students have to do to partake in lab practicals and field work. See more here: What are the Safety Requirements for my course?

6. Click on the grey triangle, and all information is selected (turns grey). The columns, however, are very wide.

7. Then move your mouse to the border of column A until you see the image at 7, and double click. Now the columns are fitted in a more easy to read format (see below).

Column O: is the student enrolled for the course? (Yes, No)

Column P: facilities for the course (e.g. slides in advance etc.)

Column R: is the student enrolled for the test? (Yes, No)

Column S: facilities for the test (e.g. 25% extra time, an online exam, etc.). See the table below for all facilities that are available for students, and the actions that are required from the student and/or lecturer.

Column U: does the student meets the mandatory knowledge (all types of entry requirements: e.g. compulsory courses) (Yes, No)

Column V: the date of the last result for a resit student.

Resit students often enrol themselves for the course and the test, even when they only want to do the resit exam. At the last column (Latest Result) you can see if this is a resit student that also enrolled for the course (column O).

Also if students only enrol for the test, they have access to the Brightspace page of your course (reading rights only).

Note. This Excel file cannot be used as a grade input file! If you want to learn how to make a grade input file, please consult the manual How to make a grade input file

NB. Resit students can be recognised by the column "Latest", where a date is given of the last attempt.