How do I check whether grades have been entered definitively?

After entering the grades, the grades can be saved. These are not yet visible to the student.

If the grading entry deadline has passed, non-final grades will be set as a NOGRADE for the student.

This manual describes how to check whether grades are final, and therefore visible to the student.

1. Go to OSIRIS-Docent, log in and click on  click on Grade.
A page appears showing all the courses or tests for which you can enter results.

Subsequently, choose the course in the period (block) in which the grades have been entered.

2. Select the period for which the grades must be entered. Behind "No grades" you find the number of students for which a grade has to be entered.

3. If the grades have been entered, but only saved and not yet electronically signed, that number is behind "Pending".

4. When all grades have been entered AND signed electronically, the total number is behind "Completed", and  "No grades" and "Pending" are shown as 0.

When grades are not final yet, please do so. This is described in the instructions: How to make grades final.