How to have an overview of my ("disappeared") T-I-R students

The most commonly reported problem is a "disappeared" student:

  • my T-I-R (MSc thesis-internship-research practicte) student has disappeared, how can that be?
  • I would like to see the laudatio text or underpinning of a students that has completed the T-I-R, but the student has disappeared.
  • I am examiner, but do not see the case of the student

All T-I-R cases (MSc thesis-internship-research practice) in which one now has a role or has ever had a role (as supervisor, assessor or examiner) can always be looked into. Find the details in the frequently asked questions FAQ Thesis/Internship/Research Practice at the question in Troubleshooting How to have have insight in the case process of a specific student if you are not assigned to a task.  See below for a short version.

In short:

  1. Click on the green suitcase.
  2. Want to see all cases: click on OVERVIEW, followed by SEARCH (select 'WU - Case (Faculty)' in the drop-down below the search button).
  3. Want to see one specific student: click on OVERVIEW, followed by a student name or number, followed by SEARCH.


The examiner only will see the task in the start screen of Osiris when assessor 1 and assessor 2 have completed the grading.

Therefore, if you are examiner only, without being assessor 1 or assessor 2, you don't see the student in the start screen yet. However, you always can preview the case, and download the report already.

  1. Click on OVERVIEW and Select WU-Case-preview examiner.
  2. Click the SEARCH button.

For details, see Accessing the report as examiner before both assessors are finished