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How can I find the students' e-mail addresses in my course (direct mail or Excel file with all information)?

From OSIRIS-Lecturer the e-mail addresses of the students in your course can be used. This can be done directly, but can also be downloaded in an Excel file. It is recommended to do this after the enrolment deadline.

Report 9.2.65 is an Excel file containing all information per student: student number, e-mail, facilities, etc. A course coordinator or examiner can download the report from the menu in OSIRIS-Lecturer (see manual How to make an Excel file of the participants and facilities of the students in my course).  This information can also be created via a workaround which is described in this manual.

This manual describes how to create an Excel file in OSIRIS-Lecturer of all students enrolled in the course, including student numbers and e-mail addresses. There is also the option to use the e-mail addresses directly (as was the case in MyPortal).

Start screen

1. Click on Menu > Grade. Or click directly on Grade.

2. You will find a list of the courses in which you are involved. Within the courses the details of the registered students are visible for the period in which the course is taught, and for the RESIT1 in February and RESIT2 in August separately.

3. The students in your course are listed on the screen. Click on "MAKE SELECTION".

4. Click on the arrow next to "HIDE SELECTION", then click "Select all rows". Behind each student, the box will turn pink with a tick mark.

5. In the ACTIONS menu, choose "Actions student".  There are now several options to get a list of the students' e-mail addresses in your course.

6. Choose "Send e-mail". Outlook is opened and all selected students are in the Bcc field.

7. You can also download an Excel file containing the student numbers, last name, name (as known by)  initials and e-mail address. Click on "Student list (Excel)".


8. Click on "STUDENT LIST (EXCEL)". You can then save the Excel file in the usual way to the folder of your choice. Both the Correspondence address and verified address will give the same file. The columns up til the E-mail address is filled. Further information is not given for privacy reasons.

Note: the passport photo list can also be downloaded this way.