How to make grades final

You can save grades in OSIRIS-Lecturer to make them final at a later stage.

This manual describes how to make grades final that were entered and saved previously.

1. Go to OSIRIS-Lecturer and log in.

2. Click on Grade.
3. A window appears with all tests for which you can enter grades. Select the course and test moment for which you need to finalize the grades.

4. Finalize the grade with SIGN >

NB. With the button MAKE SELECTION you can select one or several students. This selection does not affect the signing: all valid grades in the list will be finalized, independent of this selection.

5. A new window appears, in which you can check the grades that will be signed. Click on SIGN ELECTRONICALLY on top of the window.

NB. After signing, the results become visible for the student, and changes can only be made by the Student Service Center ([email protected])

NOTE: A pop-up appears. If required, fill in your password and click on SIGN (the results will be finalized).