How to correct grades that are incorrect or became available too late?

A saved "draft" grade can be changed, until it is finalized. A grade is only visible to the student when it is finalized.

When a finalized grade needs to be corrected, this is either handled by the Student Service Centre ([email protected]) or the examining board for your chair group, depending on the situation.

Please check the document below (either Dutch/NL or English/EN), enter the required information and send this to [email protected], with subject 'Grade correction'

For students that did not receive a grade, a NOGRADE is registered as finalized grade. This is done about 8 days after the grade registration deadline. Up to that moment a grade can still be entered.
When a grade becomes available after the NOGRADE is registered, this is considered a grade correction. 

Resit Assignment

To enter grades after a report was assessed (late) while in this academic year already 2 interim examinations were done, the ResitAssignment is a technical solution.

As of academic year  2024/2025  all courses where this is logical based on the detailed examination will have this option available.  

For the 2023/2024 academic year, the ResitAssignment block needs to be requested at the examining board.  

On December 4, 2023 all course coordinators, examiners and secretariats have been informed about this using the email/attachment available below.