Where to find the percentage of students passed in your course?

In OSIRIS-Lecturer you can find the pass rate of your courses.

This manual describes where to find the pass rate of an exam (for all exam opportunities for a course, or specifically for one exam opportunity).

1. Go to Osiris-Lecturer en click on Grade.

2. A screen appears showing all the courses for which you can enter results. Choose the desired course and academic year.

3. Click on the 3 dots.

4. Choose  "Print number of test grades". A pdf will be created with the results (see below) for the period in which your course is taught as well as for both RESIT periods. If there are several examinations within one period, this will also be printed.

5. If you choose "Print testresults per course (opportunity)" a pdf file is created with the grades obtained in the period the exam was given. On the cover page you will also find the pass percentage.

6. If you choose "Print test performance", a pdf file is created with pass percentage, but also with the frequency distribution of the final grades.