How to enter results for individual students

In OSIRIS-Lecturer you can enter results for individual students, or for groups of students in batch. These students need to be registered for the exam! If you need to have a grade registered after the deadline for grade entry, please contact your secretary.

This manual describes how you can enter results for individual students that are registered for an exam.
Also read How to use result grade codes? to know how to register a result.

1. Go to OSIRIS-Lecturer, log in and click on Grade.

2. A page appears with all tests for which you can enter grades. Select the course code and the test moment for which you want to enter a grade.

3. A page appears listing the students enrolled for this test.

NB. It may be necessary to show more rows.

NB. If a student is not on the list, ask your secretariat to add them to your course or test!

The ‘Add student’ button has been disabled in Osiris lecturer, because many course coordinators thought that they would register students in Osiris in this way. As a result, students didn’t have access to Brightspace, ANS and software for their courses. Students must now first (be) register(ed) for a test before you can enter grades in OSIRIS-Lecturer. This is only possible with a secretary profile (Osiris-Basis). If you don’t have Osiris-Basis, you must ask your secretary to register this student for your course or exam.


4. Select a student for whom you want to enter a result (the grade input field is now underlined green).

5. Enter a grade
or click on the magnifying glass and click on one of the grades from the drop-down menu that appears. Besides the allowed grades, this list also contains the codes ‘PASS’, ‘FAIL’, ‘INCOMPL’, 'NOGRADE' and ‘NOSHOW’. These codes also count as result. See for more information How to use result grade codes?

6. In the next field, enter the test date, manually or with the pop-up calendar. To read the rules on the test date to use, see the manual What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

N.B. Repeat step 4 to 6 to enter grades for more individual students.

If you are too late with grade entry and want to go back further than 10 working days, this must always be discussed with SSC whether this is possible for these student(s).

7. Click on SAVE on top of the window to save the grades.

NB. You can now safely leave Osiris, but the saved grades are not final yet; they still can be changed.

8. Click on SIGN > to sign the concept grades.

NB. With the button MAKE SELECTION you can select one or several students. This selection does not affect the signing: all valid grades in the list will be finalized, independent of the selection.

9. A new window appears, in which you can check the grades that will be signed. Click on SIGN ELECTRONICALLY on top of the window to make the grades final. A pop-up appears.
If required, fill in your password and click on SIGN (the results will be finalized).

NB. After signing electronically, the grades become visible for the students. Any subsequent change can only be made by the Student Service Centre SSC, ([email protected]).

10. You can create a grade list (pdf file) with the finalized grades. Click on CREATE GRADE LIST.