Emergency Procedure

Some students might have started their MSc thesis or MSc Research Practice before November 15, 2022 or their MSc internship before January 24, 2023.

For those students, using the Osiris-Procedure was not yet mandatory.
To register the project and final grades for those students, as well for other qualifying force majeur, this emergency procedure applies.

Secretariats can not register a final grade for an MSc thesis, MSc internship or MSc research practice in Osiris. Nor can SSC or Functional Management Osiris. The only way is through either the regular or this emergency procedure.

As part of the emergency procedure, the final grade is properly registered.
The final report(s) and the assessment forms are archived.

Registering the final grade is the responsibility of the examiner and therefore the examiner has to submit this information.

To start the emergency procedure, send an email to one of the 3 persons mentioned below.
In the email, mention:

  • The student name and student number
  • The course code and course title
  • The name of the examiner for this course that will enter the data and decides on the final grade
  • The reason why for this student the Osiris-Procedure was not used

When the reason is judged to be valid, the emergency procedure is started for this student in this course and the examiner indicated receives an email on how to enter all required information and confirm the grade.

Send the request to either:

Marjolijn Coppens (programme director responsible for all MSc-Internships): [email protected]

Arnold Moene (programme director responsible for all MSc-Theses and RPs): [email protected]

Lisette Graat (keyuser for the Osiris-Procedure): [email protected]