What to do when you encounter problems with entering grades in Google Chrome?

In OSIRIS-Lecturer you might experience problem entering grades. E.g. from a list of students in your course you can only enter the results for the students on top of the list and the last one. Or when entering the grades in the final assessment form for examiners of thesis, research practice or internship, the dropdown menu does not work. Most likely you have installed the Library Access extension in Chrome, which might cause these problems.

This manual describes how you could temporarily switch off the library access or use an incognito window in Chrome to avoid problems with entering grades.

Firefox does not have these problems, so you might consider installing it.

Temporarily switch off the library access.

1. Open Google Chrome, and click on the 3 dots on the upper right side.

2. Select "More Tools".

3. Select Extensions.

4. If you use the Library Access extension, you should switch this off. If it is switched on, the colour of the switch button is blue.

Use Google Chrome in an incognito window

5. Open Google Chrome, and click on the 3 dots on the upper right side.

6. Select "New incognito window". A black Google Chrome window opens.

7. type https://osiris.wur.nl/osiris_docent. You might have to sign in with your wur account and password.

OSIRIS-lecturer is now in an incognito mode.

You can also make a shortcut on your desktop (and pin it to your taskbar), so that Google Chrome opens in incognito mode by default. Many Youtube tutorials of just a few minutes will guide you through the process of making this shortcut.