How to import results with a grade input file

In OSIRIS-Lecturer you can import grades for groups of students in batch. The easiest and most safe way to do this is using a grade input file generated by OSIRIS. For more information, please read the manuals What is a grade input file and how to use it? (OSIRIS-Lecturer) and How to make a grade input file  and Result grades

The present manual assumes that a grade input file containing results is already available.

This manual describes how to enter grades that are in a grade input file already.

1. Go to Osiris-Lecturer, log in and click on Grade.
A page appears with tests for which you can enter grades.

2. Select the proper course.

3. Click on ACTIONS / Read file.
A pop-up window appears to retrieve the grade input file.

4. Enter the test(exam) date in the field Test date. Select the grade input file in Choose File, and click on READ FILE.
The pop-up window disappears and the grades are copied into the grade input list. To determine the correct date: see the manual What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

NB. The grade input file is accepted only if its course code matched the code of the selected test.
NB. Only grades that were not finalized yet can be accepted.
OSIRIS produces a mutation report, by default only with errors and warnings.

5. Check the option Hide the rows without errors if you want to see all mutations,
or click on DOWNLOAD EXCEL FILE. OSIRIS then returns a copy of the grade input file in which the errors are shown in comments. Repair the errors and repeat step 2-4.

6. Click on SAVE on top of the window to save the results
The saved results are not finalized yet, they still can be changed.

7. Click on SIGN > to finalize the results.

NB. With the button MAKE SELECTION one or several students can be selected. This selection does not affect signing: all valid grades in the list will be finalized, independent of the selection.

A new window pops up, in which you can check what is about to be signed.

8. Click on Sign electronically on top of the window. The grades will be finalized.

NB. After signing electronically, the results become visible for the students, and any changes can be made only by the Student Service Centre ([email protected]).

WARNING: If the grades have not been made final, students cannot register for the resit exam. If the grade is entered in OSIRIS-Lecturer and still in draft, it can only be finalized in OSIRIS-Lecturer. The secretary cannot make the grade final, nor can SSC! Always check whether the grades have been made final! See the manual How do I check whether grades have been entered definitively?