Grades | How to export grades from Brightspace into Osiris

After calculating grades in the grade book, they need to be added to Osiris, the student information system at WUR. Now, there's a new feature in Brightspace that makes it easier to export grades to an Excel file that can directly be used as grade input file in Osiris. This new feature simplifies the process of transferring grades from one system to the other

This article will shows how to:

Downloading the Brightspace excel file

Navigate to your course and, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Grades
  2. Select Export for Osiris

This will open the Grades Tool,

  1. Select the Osiris starting block
  2. Select Final Grade you want to export
  3. Click on Export to Excel

It is the WUR recommendation to always use the "Final Calculated Grade", as explained in the article: How to check the Grade Book Settings

You will get an Excel file with the structure and format needed for Osiris. It will look like this:

Warning: Grade Overwrite Risk

Please be advised that importing a grade export file into Osiris will result in the overwrite of existing grades that are not yet finalized.

Make sure to check and, if needed, remove those students from this excel.

OSIRIS upload and confirm

The following actions need to be done in OSIRIS-Lecturer.

You can follow the next steps in this article: How to import results with a grade input file


Now you know how to export grades from Brightspace into Osiris!

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