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When a course contains many quizzes, surveys, self-assessments, and/or questions, sometimes it is hard to keep a good overview. There are several tools available to manage the questions, such as re-ordering the questions to group them.

This article shows how to:

Organize the Question Library

You can access the Question Library through Quizzes, Self Assessments or Surveys. In your Brightspace course, navigate to the green navigation bar.

  1. Click on Assessment
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Quizzes, Self Assessments or Surveys. This will open the a new Homepage

For more information on how to Navigate to the Question Library please visit: Navigating to the Question Library

  1. From the new Homepage, click Question Library, this will open the Question Library
  1. Use the Move function to move selected questions to a different section
  2. Delete (a) selected question(s)
  3. Click Order to re-order the questions. This will open a new window with all questions within the folder (section). Click the question that needs to be moved and click the up or down arrow on the right side. When done, click Save to save the changes and go back to the Question Library
  4. Edit Values allows for (all) selected questions to edit the following values
  • Points: the value of the question
  • Difficulty: a way to organise questions by assigning a difficulty level. This has no further impact on the questions from a student-perspective
  • Mandatory: when this box is ticked a student has to select or fill in an answer before moving to the next question

Mandatory questions cannot be used in conjunction with the Paging option (Prevent moving backwards through pages). See Editing quiz question visibility and properties.

  1. Settings: this will open a pop-up with the following options:
  • Show Sections Sidebar; this will show an explorer on the left side of the screen with the different sections showing as folders for easy navigation when a lot of sections are available
  • View actions in pop-up; this will make all actions open up in a pop-up rather than in a new window
How to have short descriptions for questions in the overview

When questions are quite long, the amount of text in the Question Library can become cluttering, especially with many long questions. To facilitate in keeping an overview, a short description of the question can be used instead. This will not be visible to students.

  1. Click on the downwards pointing arrow next to the question
  2. Click Edit from the question quick menu

or: click on the question

  1. Click Options to open the options quick menu
  2. Click Add Short Description

A short description box will appear

  1. Enter the description that needs to be visible in the Question Library
  1. Click Save to save changes and return to the Question Library

The description will now be shown instead of the full question. To show the full question again in the Question Library, follow the same steps; the option Remove Short Description will then be shown instead of Add Short Description.

How to ask (random) questions from a question pool

Sometimes it is desirable that students get different questions from a large pool of questions, instead of a fixed set of questions. This can be done with a Question Pool

A quiz can consist of fixed questions, a question pool, but also a combination to have both fixed questions and random questions.

A Question Pool can only be formed from questions in the Question Library. See How to create a Quiz - The Question Library

  1. Click on Assessments in the navigation bar of your course
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Quizzes. This will open the a new Homepage
  1. Click the quiz, or select Edit from the quickmenu of the quiz to edit the quiz
  1. Click Add/Edit Questions
  1. Click New
  2. Click Question Pool
  1. Give a title to the Question Pool
  2. Select the number of questions that students will get from the pool
  3. Enter the amount of points for the questions (this can be different than the number of points set in the Question Library)
  4. Click Browse Question Library to enter the Question Library, and select the questions that need to be added to the pool, then click Add
  5. Click Save to save the pool and return to the Edit Quiz menu

12.    All selected questions for the pool will be shown here


Now you know how to manage the Question Library in Brightspace!


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