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Quizzes are an excellent way to automatically be graded by and/or in Brightspace. It is possible to gather Quizzes results. After completion of a Quiz, it is possible to generate a Quiz Report. The generated report of the Quiz  can be downloaded to your computer as CSV, Excel or PDF file. 

This article shows how to:

Set up Quiz reports

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Assessment, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Quizzes
Navigate to Assessment, a drop-down menu will appear click on Surveys

This will open the Quizzes homepage, in the Quizzes table overview:

  1. Click on the downward arrow next to the Survey name, a drop-down menu will open
  2. Click on Setup Reports
Setup Reports

This will open the Setup reports:

  1. Click on Add Report
Add report
  1. Enter the Report name
  2. Select the Report type and specific information you want to see in the report
Name and type

Under the heading Release:

  1. Select the Release date and time, the release can be immediately or set to a specific date
Release time

Scroll down to the heading Release Report To, in the Overview role table:

  1. Tick the boxes next to the User Roles that will have access to the Report (for example, Course Coordinator and Lecturers)
  2. Click on Save
User roles

A report Overview will be created in the Reports Setup tab, under the Reports heading: 

  1. Click on Save and Close
Report Setup

Export Quiz Reports

The Report Setup page will close, and you will be redirected to the Quizzes homepage:

  1. Click on the downward arrow next to the Quiz name, a drop-down menu will open
  2. Click on View Reports
View Reports

This will open the Report List page of the Survey:

  1. Click on the Survey Report Name
Report list

This will open the Generate Report page, under the heading For attempts completed:

  1. Select the type file to be generated:
  • Generate CSV - to export the data in a .csv file
  • Generate Excel  - to export the data in a .xlsx file
  • Generate HTML  - to export the data in a .pdf file
  1. (Optional) Select a time frame for Quiz attempts completed from a certain date range

If there are no date ranges added in step 15, the system will generate a complete report of all the attempts 


A pop-up window will appear in the left corner of the screen, the pop-up window will disappear once the file has been generated and will be saved in your computer files  

Pop-up window
  1. Click on Done


Now you know how to export Quiz Reports in Brightspace!

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