Grades | How to set restrictions for Grades

Restrictions can be used to limit access of students to grades. For example by setting a start and/or end date, or by having the requirement of having completed another part of the course first.

This article shows how to:

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click on Grades
On the green navigation bar click on Grades

In the Grades Homepage,

  1. Click on Manage Grades
In the Grades Homepage, click on Manage Grades

This will open an overview page where all the Grade Items, created for the course, are displayed. Restrictions can be set from the Edit Item Homepage either:

Navigating to a New Grade item

To navigate to the Edit Item Homepage of a new Grade Item:

  1. Click on New
  2. Click on Item
Manage grade, click on the blue button New, a drop-down menu will appear, click on Item
Navigating to an existing Grade Item

In order to Edit an existing Grade Item:

1. Click on the title of the Grade Item,


 Click on the downward arrow next to the Grade Item, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Edit

Click on Grade item or on the down-ward arrow next time the grade item, a drop-down menu will appear, then click on Edit

Set Restrictions

This action will open the Edit Item homepage.

Then, click on the Restrictions tab and the restriction options will appear.

Restrictions tab: Hide from users, Availiability select start and end date, release condition
1. Hide from Users

When this option is selected, the grade item will not be visible to students

2. Availability

In this section, three options are available :

  • Has Start Date - the item will not be visible before the set date
  • Has End Date - the item will not be visible after the set date
  • Display in Calendar - the item will be displayed on the course's calendar as well as an indication on the Upcoming events widget.
3. Release conditions

Users are not able to access or view the grade unless they meet the release conditions. Three options are available.

4. Saving Restrictions

The changes are not automatically saved upon creation. Click on one of the buttons on the bottom of the page to do so:

  • Save and Close - to save and close the Restriction settings. After closing, the Manage grades homepage will reopen
  • Save and New -  to save and also open the New Item homepage to create a new Grade item
  • Save -  to save the Restriction settings
  • Cancel  - to cancel, neither the Restrictions settings nor the changes will be saved

Once you have set the restrictions, you will be redirected to the Manage Grades homepage were the grade item will be with an indication next to it.

Manage Grades Homepage, grade item indications

Grade Item icons

Next to the name of the grade item several symbols will appear depending on the restrictions that been set.

Grade item - icons
1. Eye icon

The grade item is not visible to students. When the "Hidden from users" box is not selected then the icon disappears.

2. Clock icon

The grade item has restriction on the due date and the availability

3. Diagram icon

The grade item has release-conditions active.

For more information, please visit: About Release Conditions


Now you know how to set restrictions for Grades in Brightspace!

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