MS Teams | How to add a guest account

Guest accounts must be manually invited to the MS Teams course team. This procedure is only needed for the first MS Teams team they will become a member of. Once their external email address is known to the MS Team environment they will automatically become members of the other MS Teams linked to Brightspace courses

For further information about the guest accounts and how to enroll them in the Classlist visit: How to create a WUR Guest Account and How to enrol/unenrol users to the course

Adding a guest account to course Teams

Make sure the guest user account is enrolled in the Classlist in Brightspace. If this is not done, they will be automatically removed from the MS Teams within 24 hours after the synchronization

When adding a guest account to the Classlist in Brightspace use the email < [email protected] >

To invite a guest account to your MS Team, navigate to the MS Teams course team

  1. Click on the three dots, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Add member 


Add members

When adding a guest account to an MS Teams team, do not use the [email protected]
Use the external email addresses, coupled with their [email protected] accounts.

  1. Insert the external email coupled to their guest account in the typing bar
  1. Click on Add
Add members

The guest users will receive an email as the one below

The users will have to click on the button Open Microsoft Team and complete the enrolment procedure

Invitation email


Now you know how to add a guest account to the MS Teams Team of your course!