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Assignments | How to use the Assignments tool: Submission Log

Assignments are used to easily assess and evaluate the work of students. Lecturers can use the Assignments tool to create and edit assignments for their course activities, but also see the Submission Log for an overview of the progress of the students' submissions.

This article will describe the options and functions of the Submission Log of the Assignment tool.

Submission Log homepage

The log keeps track of the submissions' status and changes of it within the Brightspace Assignment tool. You can navigate to the Submission Log page in two ways:

  1. In the Assignments homepage click on the arrow next to the assignment you want to view, and in the drop-down menu click Submission Log
  2. In the Assignments homepage click on the assignment you want to view, and click Submission Log in the task bar

In the page you will see a table with the submissions details and buttons with actions above it:

Assignments - Submission Log
1. Submission column

Shows name of the users that submitted. There will be submissions with the same name in the list, but with different event status.

2. Event column

Shows the event status of a submission, whether it was Submitted, Deleted, Restored, or Started.

When there is a deleted submission in the list a button appears next to its name. You can restore the submission directly by clicking on the button Restore:

Assignments - Submission Log - restore button option
3. Modified by column

Shows the username of who modified the event status of the submission.

4. Date column

Shows the date and time of the event, meaning the day when the submission process in the Brightspace has started, been completed (status Submitted), the submission was deleted, and/or restored.

You can sort the results by this column if needed by clicking on the title Date.

Each activity on a submission to the system by a user is recorded in the submission log. Therefore, it is possible that you will find the same submission name (in the first column) more times, however with different Event, Modified by, and Date status. 

Submission Log - Event status filter

You are able to quickly sort the review of the submission status by using the buttons above the table with submissions:

Assignments - Submission Log - options

The results can be filtered by clicking on:

  1. Submitted - shows all submitted assignments
  2. Deleted - shows all deleted assignments
  3. Restored - shows all restored assignments
  4. Started - shows the times of the uploads

When no filters are enabled, all submissions are shown. It is possible to select multiple filters, clicking the filter again with disable the filter. Enabled filters are shown underlined in blue, disabled filters are shown in grey.


You now know how to use Assignments!

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