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JoVE is a service with peer-reviewed scientific video protocols and journals. JoVE can be used  for advancing research and science education in biological, medical, chemical and physical research. It concerns separate videos of scientific experiments from laboratories, short e-learnings, on basic scientific knowledge. In Brightspace, JoVE is an integrated external learning tool and you can easily add this to your course  content (sub)module. 

This manual will show you how to:

For more information about JoVE see:

To use the JoVE Connection it is advisable to have prepared in advance the articles and scientific material you wish to include.

How to create and add a JoVE link in Content

First, navigate to the course where you would like to use JoVE Connection. Now, let's get started!

1. Navigate to Content

2. Navigate to the module where JoVE Connection should be integrated

3. Click the button Existing Activities

4. From the drop-down menu select JoVE Science Education Center

Using JoVE Connection for the first time?

Implementation of JoVE Connection in Brightspace requires account acquisition in JoVE. If you already have an account in JoVE you can directly sign in. If you don't have an account yet, registration to JoVE is also possible through Brightspace.

Registration steps

In the window Add activity you will be prompted to either Sign in or to Create  an Account.

  1. Click the button Or Create an Account
JoVE registration

After you click on the button Register a new tab will open in your browser. Also, do not close the previous tab with the Sign in window.

In the new tab you will be able to Create your JoVE account:

  1. Type your institutional email address
  2. Type the code generated by the page
  3. Click on the button Create Account
JoVE create account page

After you hit the button a verification email will be sent to the email you have used for registration.

Please check your email and follow the link to activate your account.

Once confirming your email address you will be redirected back to the browser. In the window you will see further details you will need to fill in for creating your JoVE account:

  1. Fill in First Name
  2. Fill in  Last Name
  3. Create a Password
  4. Select a Role
  5. Then click the button Create Account
JoVE create account - user details

After you click the button Create Account you will be redirected to the Jove webpage and signed in.

Review User verification section of this article for further information.

After you have Registered you can go back to the tab where you have your Brightspace course page open. You will still see the sign in page open. Now you can:

  1. Fill in your email
  2. Fill in your password
  3. Then click Sign in button
JoVE sign in window


Select JoVE Content

After selecting JoVE connection from the Existing Activities menu new window will pop out. Here you will make your selection of content:

  1. Select a Content Type from the three options: Science Education, Video Journal, Test
  2. Click on the title Choose a Section, then select one from the list below by clicking on it
  3. A Search field will appear where you will be able to type the search terms. Use the right keywords!

As you type a list of available articles will unfold:

  1. Click on the article from the list you wish to add. The selected article will then appear in the Content area.

If you wish to add another article you can do so, by again repeating step 7.

  1. Then click the Submit button
Select searched content and Submit

After adding the search items to the Content, and submitting your selection a window with a prompt pops out.

  1. Click the Ok button.
Response window for JoVE content submission

Your JoVE activity is now added to the content of your module as an External Learning Tool link under the same name as the article you chose. If you selected more than one article these will appear as separate links in your content.

User verification

For security reasons, the LMS Administrator and Teacher will need to pass user verification in the following cases:

  1. Planned verification - once every 30 days from the moment of last verification.
  2. When the user changes the mail.
  3. When using a new Tool Consumer for creating a Tool Provider.

Users with Student permissions will only need to pass user verification if the student has been registered on JoVE as a user with Administrator or Instructor permissions. Students who have not been previously registered on JoVE, or Students who have been previously registered on JoVE with the email they are using in the LMS, will not need to log in. They will be logged in seamlessly without notice.

For verification you need to:
  1. Enter the password for your account on JoVE
  2. Click the Sign in button



You now know how to create and add a JoVE Connection! 

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