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Use the Classlist tool to view who's enrolled in your course, check their online status, send email or instant messages, and read their blog if they have one.

The Classlist tool enables you to manage information about users in your course. From this page you can view users' progress and manage course enrollments. This article will give an overview on how to use the Classlist. The following topics will be discussed:

Navigate to Classlist

Open the course page where you want to view the Classlist. Then:

1. Navigate to Communication

2. Click on Classlist

In course page go to Communication, then Classlist

The Classlist is also accessible using Course Tools > Course Admin > Classlist (under Learner Management).

Classlist homepage: functions

1. Tabs

  1. Click on Add Participants to enroll existing users to the course - Add users to the course
  2. Click on Enrollment Statistics for an overview of Enrollments and Withdrawals - The table indicated all possible roles and how many people with a certain role are enrolled in the course. For example, how many students are enrolled in the course (Enrollments) and how many students withdrew (Withdrawals). It is still possible to send an email to persons who withdrew from the course.
  3. Click on Email Classlist to e-mail the Classlist

2. Filter

It is possible to filter the View of the Classlist either by User or by Groups. This function can be useful when you search for groups of students or if you want to print (part of) the Classlist

How to filter by groups

It is also possible to filter on groups:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu next to View By, click on Groups
  2. Click on Apply

3.    Behind Groups you can select the group you want

4.    Click on Apply.


Another possibility is to search for specific students or teachers by typing his/her name in the search box (Search For...). You can use the First and Last name or the user's e-mail.

Please pay attention to use the (last) name or the WUR e-mail. In Brightspace the Username is the user's WUR e-mail and NOT the WUR Username. So,  WUR Username does not always work when searching for users. 

Show Search Options

Click Show Search Options to search more specifically. It now states Hide Search Options. You can find the following

  1. Search in: check the boxes to search for First Name, Last Name or Username
  2. Role: search by role (e.g. student, lecturer etc.)
  3. Flagged: search only people who are flagged/unflagged
    • It is also possible to "flag" a person. In this way, you are able to find this person back again easily.
  4. Online Status: search only people who are online/offline
  5. Last Accessed: search people who visited the course within a selected time period

To apply any of these actions click the Magnifying Glass


4. Classlist options

By checking the selectbox in one or more users' names, it possible to:

5. Table

The Table consist of features better explained below. It is possible to sort the table by these features, simply by clicking on the title of the feature.

  • Selectbox - allows to select one, more or all the users of the Classlist
  • Image - users can upload a picture in their Brightspace profile and be visible here. By clicking on your image in this table, it is possible to Change picture
    • Flag - Next to user's picture there is a flag. It is also possible to "flag" and unflag a person, by clicking the flag. In this way, you are able to find this person back again easily. A dark flag means a person is flagged and a transparent flag means a person is not flagged.
  • Under Name you will see the full name of  the user. When there is a green dot behind a name, that person is online
    • By clicking the arrow next to the Name, you can
      • Send Email to the user or
      • View Group Enrollments for. A new window will open, where the group enrollment(s) for that certain student is/are indicated
  • Under Username - in Brightspace is the WUR e-mail of the user (or guest account)
  • Under Role you will see the role of the person (e.g. student or teaching assistant). Find more information about the roles in Brightspace
  • Under Last Accessed you will find the date and time someone visited the course the last time

6. Page functions


By clicking on Print you will be redirected to a new window, where you can print (part of) the Classlist. You filter the list by using the: 

  • View By: User or Group
  • Search For...

By clicking on Help, a pop up window appears with explanation text about the Classlist Tool.


You now know how to use the Classlist in Brightspace!


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