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Assignments | How to set restrictions for an Assignment

Restrictions can be used to limit access of students to assignments. For example by setting a start and/or end date, or by having the requirement of having completed another part of the course first.

This manual will show:

Navigating to Assignments Homepage

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

1. Click on Assessments, a drop-down menu will appear
2. Click on Assignments

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar click on Assessment, then click on Assignment

This will open the Assignments homepage that shows all current Assignments created for the course.

3. Navigate to the Edit Assignment Homepage. You can set restriction to either: 

Assignments Homepage

This action will open the Edit Assignment Homepage.

4. Click on arrow next to Availability Dates & Conditions. A drop-down menu will appear

Edit Assignment Homepage

Availability Dates & Conditions options

Under Availability Dates & Conditions tab there are many options for restrictions

Availability Dates & Conditions
1. Start Date

The Start Date indicates the date the submission will be opened to students; leaving the box empty will open the assignment immediately 

2. End Date

The End Date indicates the date the submissions will be completely closed to students; students will still be able to see the assignment, but can no longer open or submit the assignment

3. Release Conditions

Users are not able to access or view the assignment unless they meet the release conditions. By clicking on Add Release Condition, a drop-down menu will appear with two options.

Add Release Condition
Create New

By clicking on Create New a pop-up window will open where it is possible to create a new Release Condition, see How to add release conditions

Create a Release condition
Add Existing

If in the course, Release Conditions have already been created then they can be selected also here. By clicking on Add Existing a pop-up window will open where it is possible to select and attach from a list of Existing Conditions  

Attach an Existing Condition
4. Special Access

Special Access allows assignments to be available to only a select group of users or individualised due dates for certain users. By clicking on Manage Special Access a new window will open. Special Access can be granted to specific students; this allows students to have special access or different start, due, and end dates, without having to change these for all other students

  • Select Allow users with special access to submit outside the normal availability dates for this folder to allow students to have different dates
  • Select Allow only users with special access to see this folder to restrict visibility of the folder to specific students
  • Click on Add Users to Special Access to add students to the special access list
Manage Special Access
Add users to Special Access
Add users to Special Access

1. When, for whatever reason, some students have a different deadline than the rest of the students, tick the box Has Due Date and enter the due date for special access students

2. If special access students have a different start and/or end date, enter a modified start and/or end date

When an assignment is only available to special access students, the due date linked to the assignment in the restrictions tab will still be visible to all students

3. Use the search function to find the students that have to be added to the Special Access list. The View By drop-down menu can be used to select individual students from the entire class list (User), or specific groups (Groups), then press Apply. Students can be added by their name or user number

4. Tick the boxes of the students that are to be added to the Special Access list (only students that are added to the Special Access user-list will be available in the list, see Step 10 of:  Setting restrictions)

5. Click Save to add the students/groups to the list and go back to the Edit Assignment page

In the Edit Assignment Homepage the new settings will appear under Availability Dates & Conditions

5. Click Save and Close to save the Assignment

Edit Assignments Homepage with restrictions

You now know how to set up restrictions for an Assignment!

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