Classlist | How to send an email via Classlist

In addition to using the Email tool of Brightspace under Communication tab in the green navigation bar of your course page, you also have the option to email students via the Classlist tool.

This article will explain:

Navigate to your Brightspace course page. Then,

  1. Click on Communication in the green navigation bar
  2. Click on Classlist
Click Communication, then Classlist

You will land on the Classlist tool homepage. Here you have two options on how to approach the email function:

  1. Email to all course participants
  2. Email to specific course participants

The email function in Classlist tool homepage is available:

  • In blue letters right above the table with the Classlist overview
  • Or as a button Email Classlist
Classlist homepage - button Email Classlist and button Email above the table

1. Email to all course participants

To email all participants listed in the Classlist view

  1. Click on the Selectbox in the first column, first row of the table
  2. Click on Email in blue letters above the table

It is not possible to send an email via the Classlist tool but only via the Email tool, if the Start date of the course page is in the future. In that case an error message will pop-up to inform you.

Click the selectbox, then click Email above the table

A window pops up where you will be able to add subject, text, and attachments to your email as you do via the Email tool:

Window pops up to compose a new message

Sending email via Classlist will add the selected participants automatically to Bcc of the email.

2. Email to specific course participants

Using the email option via Classlist you can also email specific users based on their group enrollment, or on their role in the course.

For more information please visit: How to e-mail (parts of) the group using the Classlist

You now know how to send an email via Classlist in Brightspace!


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