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FeedbackFruits | How to create an Interactive video activity using YuJa videos

Within the FeedbackFruits Suite, an Interactive video activity can be created using videos from YuJa. These can be knowledge clips, weblecture, etc.

In the article below you will learn how to:

  1. Get the permalink from YuJa
  2. Add the link to the Interactive video activity


1. Get the permalink from the YuJa folder

Go to Yuja Folder and find the video you wish to add. then

  1. Click More...

This process works only for the videos located in the "My Media" folder in YuJa. To receive the permalink for knowledge clips or weblectures in the course's folder, send a request via email at [email protected]

1. Click More..

This action will open a pop-up window Media Details. On the left-hand column:

  1. Click on Links
  2. Click on Permalink
2. Click Links and then 3. Permalink

This will give you a permalink to Media. You can use this in your activity.

  1. Copy the link
4. Copy the link

As soon as you added the FeedbackFruits learning activity, choose the interactive video, then:

  1. Click on Get Started
On the pop up window click Get started

Scroll down to Step 2, and:

  1. Paste the permalink from YuJa into the box
Paste the link into the available field
  1. Click on SUBMIT
Click Submit

This action will import the video into the activity.

  1. Click on OPEN VIDEO, to open the interaction settings
  2. Click on SAVE 

For more information and step-by-step instructions visit the article from FeedbackFruits help site:  Setting up Interactive video

The video has been added. Click open video to add interactions. Save the activity by clicking the top right button

The topic has been successfully added to the course's content.

The activity has been successfully added to the course's content

You know now how to create an interactive video activity using  YuJa videos !