Groups | How to use a Brightspace Group Locker

For a group activity in Brightspace it is possible for you as a Lecturer to turn on the option of a Locker for the group.

Advantages of using a group locker

When students are divided into Groups, it is important they can communicate with each other. A Group Locker provides students with the opportunity to quickly and easily share files with each other.


  • A group-bound digital storage place of 1 GB, in which students can upload and save different types of files within Brightspace
  • All group members are able to create folders to organize files
  • As a teacher, you are able to view and adjust all content of a locker
  • Teachers can easily send an email to all group members using Email Group Members
  • All group members are able to download all files in the locker and edit them offline
  • All files within the locker are only accessible for group members (and teachers) and cannot be made public
  • All group members are able to view which file is uploaded the most recently and by whom

Make sure that students know that you, as a Lecturer, are able to view all contents of the Locker.

Set up group lockers

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click on Communication, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Groups
Click Communication, then click Groups

The homepage Manage Groups opens.

  1. Select the Group Category you would like to add group lockers to
  2. Click on the arrow next to the Group Category name
  3. Click Edit Category 
Click on the arrow, select Edit Category

Scroll down to section Additional Options, then

  1. Tick the Selectbox of Set up lockers
  2. Click Save 
Additional Options, click Set up lockers

On the Manage Groups homepage you can see in the column Locker a link in blue letters saying Group Files. From here, you can enter the group locker by clicking on Group Files.

Files that are deleted from the locker, by students or teachers, cannot be restored.

Manage groups homepage now shows a link in column Locker

Add a file to the locker

To add a file to the locker, navigate to the groups' homepage. Then,

  1. Select the Group category so it appears in the overview table
  2. Navigate to the column Locker, then click Group Files of the group where you want to add a file
  3. On the new page click Upload Files to upload a file.
Upload a file by clicking the button

You have added the option of creating a New File (which is a Brightspace HTML page), a New Folder, or even Email Group Members.


Now you know how to set up and use group lockers in Brightspace!

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