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Quizzes | How to edit quiz question visibility and properties

In Brightspace Quiz tool it is possible to manage how the quiz questions will appear to students when taking the quiz.

This article will explain:

Where to edit quiz questions properties

To open the settings and properties of questions in an existing quiz, first navigate to your course, then

  1. Click Assessment in the green navigation bar
  2. Click Quizzes
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

On the quiz homepage navigate to the quiz where you want to edit the properties of the questions. Then,

  1. Click on the quiz name
  2. Click on Edit
3.Click on the quiz name, 4. click edit

This will open the main quiz settings page. On the right pane,

  1. Click on Timing and Display
This will open the main quiz settings page. On the right pane, 5.Click on Timing and Display

How to set Timing & Display

When expanding this Heading further settings and options can be added to the Quiz.

Timing & Display

1. Timing

As default 120 minutes are set as Time Limit to complete the Quiz. To change this,

  • Click on Manage Timing
Time & Display

On the pop-up window Timing, you will see the following options:

  • No Time Limit
  • Recommended Time Limit
  • Enforced Time Limit
  1. No Time Limit (Default) - teachers who wish to create quizzes without a time constrain can use this default option. Learners who take the quiz with no time limit will see No time limit under Time Allowed on the Quiz Summary page
Recommended Time Limit
  1. Recommended Time Limit - will set a time limit to your choice. Ticking the box next to Show clock will display a timer for learners to keep track of the time passed
Enforced Time Limit
  1. Enforced Time Limit - together with the time limit you can now set a grace period (= amount of minute(s) before flagged as exceeded time limit) and a behaviour in response to exceeded time limit.

2. Paging

Defines how the question will be shown as students take the Quiz. There are three options to choose from as shown in the picture below.


Select one of the below, to enable the option Prevent going back to previous pages

  • 1 question per page or
  • Add page break after each section

3. Shuffle Quiz

Click on the tick box to create a randomized display of questions and sections of your quiz.


4. Display

  • Click the tick boxes to change the display settings.
  • Click on the question mark to learn more about each setting.
display options

By clicking on Manage Header and Footer you will be able to write the two components. The Quiz Header and Footer will be visible to learners at the top and bottom of the quiz, respectively.

You now know how to edit properties of quiz questions in Brightspace!

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