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Surveys are an excellent way to solicit feedback from participants regarding any aspect of a course. It is possible to gather anonymous or non-anonymous opinions and information from users. Unlike Quizzes, survey questions do not have to have right or wrong answers and Likert-style rating questions are possible.

This article shows how to:

Creating a Survey

To access the Surveys Homepage, please visit the following manual on how to Navigate to Surveys

On the Surveys homepage, under the Manage Surveys tab,

  1. Click on New Survey
manage surveys tab in surveys homepage

General Settings

This will open the New Survey homepage, in the Properties tab under the heading General section,

  1. Give a Name to the Survey
  2. (Optional) Under Category,  click on the downward arrow, a drop-down menu will appear, select the   category you want to assign the Survey to


    Click on [add category] - to create a new category
  3. (Optional) Check the box give instant feedback if you want students to receive feedback immediately after Survey submission
  4. (Optional) Check the box make results anonymous if you want the students to fill out the Surveys anonymously

Once you save the option make results anonymous, it is not possible to change it! In addition, you cannot use this option in combination with Release Conditions.

new survey page, general section under properties

Survey Questions

To add questions to the Survey, scroll down to the other sections,

  1. Click on Add/Edit Questions
new survey page, scroll down to survey questions section

This will open the newly created Survey page

Please visit the following article for further information on  How to add questions to a Survey

Newly Created Survey - Add and Edit questions of the survey

Description/ Submission Message

  1. By default, the Description message is off and there is already a default Submission message,

    (Optional) Click on Expand description/submission Message
Expand Description / Submission Message

This will unfold more options,

  1. Tick the circle next to on, the description message will appear on top of the Survey
  2. Add a Description message in the HTML Editor
  3. Add a Submission message in the HTML Editor

By default, there is already a submission message

(Optional) Add a description / Submission Message

By default, the Page footer is set to off,

  1. (Optional) Click on Expand page footer
Expand page footer

This will unfold more options,

  1. Tick the circle next to on to add a page footer, this will be shown at the bottom of the Survey
  2. Type in the HTML Editor the page footer


(Optional) Add a page footer

Saving options for the Survey

The progress or the Survey is not automatically saved while being created. You will have to click on the buttons on the bottom of the page to do so:

Saving options
  1. Save and Close - this will save and close the Survey
  2. Save - to only save the Survey
  3. Cancel - to cancel the Survey


Now you know how to create a Survey in Brightspace!

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