Wooclap | How to log in

The Wooclap application integrates with PowerPoint, MS Teams and Brightspace.  Different kind of polls can be created in the Wooclap platform and can be used during the class to maintain interactivity between educators and students.  

In this article, you will learn:

Keep in mind that in order to use the integration of Wooclap in Brightspace, MS Teams and Powerpoint you need first to login through the Wooclap platform

Keep in mind that the Wooclap integration in Brightspace has not been implemented yet

Login Wooclap

  1. Visit the link below https://www.wooclap.com/ in order to use the application
  2. Click on Log in
Log in
  1. Choose to log in with your institution
  2. Click on Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
Click on Wageningen University and Research (WUR)
  1. Click on Go to login screen
Click on Go to login screen
  1. Click on Proceed to Wooclap
Proceed to Wooclap

Now you know how to log in Wooclap application!


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