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GroupTool | How to use bulk group enrolments within GroupTool

When many students need to be enrolled at once, using an excel file will help you ease the workload. For this, you can use the GroupTool incorporated into Brightspace. 

This article will explain:

  • how to use GroupTool's import/export features

GroupTool Import/Export features

Navigate to your Brightspace course page. Then, in the green navigation bar

  1. Click Communication
  2. Click GroupTool, which will open a new tab in the browser
Communication > GroupTool

At the bottom of the new window,

3. Click the download button next to Export Groups Excel to export an Excel file with the appropriate format

Before exporting the file, make sure you have already created the categories and the groups in Brightspace

Click export button

The exported Excel file should look like in the image below, if no groups have been created yet:

Empty Excel file

In this file, you can insert the appropriate category names under Categories and group names under Groups.

In order to enroll a student in several groups, duplicate the row with her/his user name (see the example in the image below on how it should be filled in).

Example 1

Make sure that the users added are part of the Brightspace course Classlist or you will receive an error.

After you edited the exported Excel file and saved the changes,

4. Click the button Choose file next to Import Groups Excel at the bottom of the window


You will receive a notification of a successful import and the changes will be applied immediately. You can now close the tab and return to your Brightspace course page.

Now you know how to bulk enroll groups within the GroupTool!


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