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One of the challenges for online education is the selection of the appropriate educational tools for different purposes. EdTool Advisor provides tool suggestions according to different educational purposes and criteria. Additionally, it provides information on on how to use the suggested tools and where to find support in using them.

In this article, you will learn about the EdTool Advisor and its functionalities.

To access the EdTool Advisor, click here

Information about the EdTool Advisor

In the EdTool Advisor's  homepage, you can find

  1. Filter - with several options to optimise the results and narrow down the list
  2. Table of Tools - with the different educational tools in rows, and information about them in columns, and
  3. Search bar - to quickly find information about a tool
EdTool Advisor homepage: 1. search bar, 2. Filter 3.Table of tools with short description, Function, Teaching method, Learner activity, Teacher Activity, Status, RatingRating By

1. Filter

When clicking on filter, a bar will open on the right side of the screen. By selecting the adequate check boxes within the categories you can filter the tools according to your needs.

Select filters from different categories (e.g. Function, Teaching Method, Learning Activity) to optimise your results.

View of the filter function in the EdTool Advisor

2. Table of Tools

The second column shows the name of the tools. By clicking on the tool names, a pop-up will open with further information on the tool.

In this pop up you can also find the appropriate contact person to get information and support on the tool use, as well as manuals and showcases.

View of the extra information on Tool

In the search bar, you can write key words to filter the educational tools according to your needs.

Now you know about the EdTool Advisor.

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