Adding Content to a Course | How to add a Weblink to a course

In Brightspace, there is a variety of activities and content to choose from, including documents, links and videos from the web, external learning activities, video assignments and more. Context can be added with visual and descriptions for content, including embedded images and videos.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Navigate to your course, in the green navigation bar,

1. Click on Content

Course homepage - Click on Content

In the Content homepage,

2. Click on a (sub)module to which you want to add a link to

3. Click on the blue button Upload / Create, a drop-down menu will appear

4. Click on Create a Link

Content homepage - click on a (submodule), then click on the blue button Upload/Create, a drop-down menu will appear, click on Create a Link

A pop-up window New Link will open

5. Give a Title

6. Paste the URL

7. (Optional) Tick Open as External Resource if you want the URL to open in a new tab

8. Click on the blue button Create

  • If the URL starts with https: //, Open as External Resource must always be ticked. Otherwise, a blank page will be displayed in Brightspace
  • Links to information that is in a protected environment that students cannot access do not work
New link pop-up - Give a title, paste the URL, tick open as External Resource if you want the URL to open in a new tab, click on the blue button Create

This action will close the pop-up window New File, the Weblink will appear in your content (i.e., a video was added as a Weblink)

Weblink will appear

Now you know how to add a weblink to your course in Brightspace!


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