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Groups | How to add a Brightspace Group self-enrolment link to Content

In  Groups in Brightspace, it is possible to select an enrolment type for your group category according to your course design and activities. Once groups have been created, they will be accessible from the Communication tab. However, sometimes it is useful to link it in the Content area of the course.

This article will show how to:

To add a link to let your students self-enrol in a group, you first need to create a self-enrolment group in your Brightspace course. Check the article How to create a Group and keep in mind the Group Category enrolment types

Once you have created Self-enrolment groups,

1. Click on Content in the green navigation bar

2. Navigate to the (sub)module in which the link needs to be placed

3. Click on Upload/Create

4. Click on Create a File. This will take you to the Create a File screen

module view in content, drop-down menu open in Upload/Create

5. Add a Title

6. Click on the Insert Quicklink icon

create a file view

The insert quicklink menu will open as a pop-up window, scroll down

7. Click on Self- Enrollment Groups

insert quicklink menu, scroll down to find Self-Enrollment Groups

In the same pop-up window, you will be redirected to Self-Enrollment Groups

8. Click on the name of the Self-enrolment category previously created

insert quicklink window to click on category to add as a link

The pop-up page will close, the link was added to the editor box

9. (Optional) Add text in the editor box

10. Click on Save and Close

self enrolment link added in the editor box

The self-enrolment link will appear in your course module.
Students can now click on the link to self-enrol to groups.

module view with new self-enrolment link added

Students are also able to register to groups from the Communication Tab. For further information, please visit: How to subscribe to a group in Brightspace self-enrolment

You now know how to link your self-enrolment group to Content in Brightspace!


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