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Manage Content | How to create and manage Checklists from the Course Tools

It is possible to create a checklist for your course through Course Tools. Also, this article will show you how to access the Checklist homepage where you can manage your created checklists.

In this article you will learn how to:


Create a Checklist via Course Tools

First, navigate to your course page in Brightspace where you want to create the checklist.

  1. In the green navigation bar click Course Tools
  2. Click Course Admin
navigate to Course tools, then click Course Admin
  1. In the Course Administration navigate to the section Assessment on this page, then click Checklists
Course admin - click on Checklists

A new page will open with a checklist manager. In the Checklist manager you will find an overview of all checklists in the course. To create a new checklist:

  1. Click New Checklist
Click New Checklist
  1. Enter a name for the Checklist
  2. (Optional) Enter a description
  3. Click Save
New Checklist - add name, description, click Save

After you click Save you will be redirected to a page with Checklist properties. Here you will find the following options (explained below):

Checklist - settings page
1. Checklist properties

In this section you will see the name you have given the checklist and its description. You can still edit it.

You have also an option available to choose whether you want the checklist to open in a new window when viewed or not.

2. Categories and Items

In this section you can create the following for your created Checklist:

  • New Category to create a new category
  • New Item to create a new item within a category
  • Reorder to re-order the categories and/or items

When you create the categories and/or an items they will appear in the space below the buttons as a list

3. tab Restrictions

In this tab you can create a new Release Condition or attach an existing one.

Checklist settings - tab Restrictions

For more on release conditions please visit: What are Release Conditions and how to use them


  1. Click Save and Close to return to the Checklists homepage.

The new checklist will appear in the list. By clicking on the arrow next to its name you can either Edit it or Preview it in a new window.

Click Save and Close

The checklists are now available to be added to the (sub)module of the Content view of the course. You can do so by adding them through the button Existing Activities in the (sub)module.

Checklist in the Checklist homepage

Add a Checklist to the Content (sub)module

  1. Click Content in the green navigation bar
  2. Click the (sub)module where you want to
  3. Click the button Existing Activities
  4. Select Checklist from the drop-down menu

A window pops up with the possible checklists created.

  1. Click the checklist name you want to add

As you click on the checklist name from the list, the pop-up window closes, and you will now be back in the (sub)module view with the selected checklist added at the bottom of the (sub)module items list.

Delete a Checklist

To delete a checklist from the Checklists manager:

  1. Click More Actions
  2. Click Delete
Click More Actions, then click Delete

Selectboxes appear in front of the name(s) of the checklist(s) in your list.  

  1. Tick the Selectboxes of the checklists that need to be deleted, or the Selectbox at the top to select all at once
  2. Then, click the button Delete Selected
Click Selectbox of the checklist, then click Delete Selected

You now know how to create a Checklist and delete it via Course tools in Brightspace!


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