What are the Safety Requirements for my course?

The column "Meets mandatory knowledge (where applicable)"-column in your registered students-file 9.2.65 - Test participants per student group indicates whether the student has completed the relevant self-study e-learning WUR safety modules. Students are not allowed to follow lab practical or field work courses without completing these modules. You can email the relevant students about that, and otherwise deny them access.

If you do not have lab classes or field work in your course, each cell in this column should state "Yes", and you can ignore this column.

Safety Modules?

Since September 2020 Wageningen University offers three safety modules:

  • General Safety (ZSS06000)
  • Laboratory Safety (ZSS06100)
  • Fieldwork Safety (ZSS06200)

These are self-study e-learning modules that should take the students about 1 hour to complete.

The idea behind the modules is that the students learn about safety on and around the campus during education to create a safer work environment for students and staff alike.

For bachelor study programmes, the relevant modules are added to the obligatory part of the program. Courses containing either laboratory practical or fieldwork have been programmed within OSIRIS with these "safety requirements" to ensure students took the required safety training. Students that do not meet these requirements have to be denied access to your course.

You can see whether students have completed these modules in the registration overview report 9.2.65 - Test participants per student group indicated by a "Yes" or "No" in the column "Meets mandatory knowledge (where applicable)".

If your course has other requirements (e.g. a compulsory course) this is also covered in the column "Meets mandatory knowledge (where applicable)".