What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

If you are too late with grade entry, and entry is closed (i.e. NOGRADE results are registered), you should request for a correction.  
Beware that August 31, is a very distinct deadline defined in law. This means that grades obtained before September 1st need to registered before September 1st.

Result date in Osiris
In a course, the student has taken the last part of the assessment within the period in which the course is offered.

This is the DEFAULT situation.
Use the test-date that is pre-printed for your course. This is usually the last Friday in the (re-exam) period and so defined in the Examination and Education Regulations (EER).
Your course ran in the 1st half of the period and assessment of all students is completed before the last Friday of the period.
In this situation, enter grades for all students . For consistency you can take the Friday of week 4 as the test-date.
Important: in this situation make sure you enter the grades for all students in the course, to prevent false-positive reminder emails.
Your course runs in both the 1st half and for another group in the 2nd half of the period and you have an exam moment both in week 4 and 8.
You combine the 2 situations above, enter grades (including NOGRADE) for all students that participated in the 1st half. And leave the grade open for all other students with the pre-printed test-date.
In a course, the student has taken the last part of the assessment after the period in which the course is offered.
For example, the student handed in a final report late.

This depends on the rules you set for this in your course guide.
It could mean that you only assess the report during the next resit option for your course, and enter the grade at that time.
The student has obtained a result at another institution within or outside The Netherlands (remains the same).
This is done by SSC and/or the Examining board. The entry date is used:
  • The date on which SSC receives the transcripts (under the applicable conditions, by an external institution or by the student).
For an MSc-thesis, -internship or -research practice

The grading is done as final step of the Osiris-Case procedure that is initiated by the student prior to the start of the project.
In this procedure, it is possible to complete the procedure in Osiris a few days after the oral defence (max 7 calender days later, except in August, where 31 August is the last day to enter grades).


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