How to import results in Osiris with a grade input file?

In Osiris Basis, one may enter grades for groups of students in batch. The easiest and most safe way to do this is using a grade input file generated by Osiris. For more information, please read the manuals  What is a grade input file and how to I use it? and How to make a grade input file and How to use result grade codes?

The present manual assumes that a grade input file containing results is already available.

This manual describes how to enter grades that are in a grade input file already.


1. Click Student > Grades > Test grades
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.4” and press enter

Search the course

2. Enter the course code in the field Course
or search for a course through the magnifying glass at Course. For detailed intermediate steps, follow “How do I find my course in Osiris Basis?”, Steps 3 to 7.

NB. The current academic year is already entered under Academic Year. The whole year 2023-2024 is written as 2023

3. Click on Search

4. In the search results block on the right, click the black arrow in front of the course for the period you are interested in (or RESIT block)

Import the grade input file into Osiris

5. Click on ACTIONS

6. Click on Import grades

The Import grades window pops up.

7. Enter the Lecturer (click on the magnifying glass and select the lecturer) and Signed Date (today)

8. Click Choose File and choose the saved grade input file

9. Press Import (the dialog window closes, and the grades are automatically saved as draft)

NB. The grade input file is accepted only if the course code in the file matches the code of the selected exam.

NB. Only grades that were not finalized before can be accepted. So remove any students from your grade input file that have already finalized grades before uploading.

NB. Osiris only reads the grades, it does does not save grade input file itself. You cannot find any partial grades in Osiris either. For that reason, it is advised to also save the Excel file.

If anything else goes wrong, check whether you filled in the grade input file correctly, according to What is a grade input file and how to use it? (OSIRIS-Basis)

Finalizing the results

10. Click on View > Select all rows. All rows will turn green (selected)

TIP. If some grades are already finalized, select Draft above the table, this will show only grades that are not finalized yet. If you then do step 10, only the draft grades will be selected.  

11. By clicking on Save, the grades are saved as draft, allowing you to close Osiris and come back later to finalize them.

NB. Students only see their grades after you finalize them

12. In the menu ACTIONS, choose Make final.

Osiris performs a check on the registration requirement.

13. Click Make final to finalize the results

The pop-up closes and a grey notification bar will appear in the top of the screen with: “The status in the Test results on test field has changed to Final.”

NB. Finalized grades are visible to students. From now on, changes can only be made by the Students Service Centre, ([email protected]). See How to correct grades that are incorrect or became available too late?

If you want to check if the grades have been made final you can, please see manual How do I check if a grade has been made final?