How to sign in to Osiris Basis?

This manual describes how to sign in to Osiris Basis for secretariats, the student information system of WUR. 
When working from home, make sure you have enabled your VPN.

How to sign in?

1. Go to, you will see the login page of WUR 

2. Fill in your WUR username or e-mail address and password

3. Click on Login or Aanmelden

NB. If you are already signed in, you will be directed to Osiris immediately.

If you work outside the campus, the use of VPN is necessary. More information about VPN can be found on the WUR intranet.

TIP: You can also find the link to Osiris Basis (Osiris Secretarial Office) on Intranet under Applications. See the steps below how to use the link to Osiris on your personalized Intranet home page.

4. Click on Applications on your Osiris Home Page and go to Osiris Secretarial Office.

5. Click on the pin to move the link to Osiris Secretarial Office to the top of the list of Applications.

6. Click on Osiris Secretarial Office --  this is Osiris Basis. Notice that Osiris Lecturer & Advisor is further down in the list, this is the entrance for course coordinators, other teachers and study advisors.

In this way, you will always have quick access to Osiris through your personal Intranet start page.


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