How to make an overview of participants of a course?

To create an overview of all students enrolled in a course, a report can be generated in Osiris Basis. It is recommended that you do this after the registration deadline.

This report is also used to see which students have requested facilities for the course or test, and to check if the students have passed the right Safety Modules to be allowed to participate in your course.

If you have an MSc course in period 1, it is recommended to create this file not earlier than 1 September. If you make this file in August, then the column study programme will be filled with the WUR Bachelor's programme instead of the student's MSc programme.

Course coordinators can create the same overview in Osiris Lecturer. Link to manual: How to make an Excel file of the participants and facilities of the students in my course

Need a Photo list? Both you and the course coordinator can download this from your respective Osiris environments. You can click 9.2.06 - List of passport photos at Step 2 of this manual. Course coordinators can follow How to create a photo list of the students in a course (from step 3 it is similar to Osiris Basis)

This manual describes how you can make a list of all students that are enrolled in a course in Osiris Basis. 

Start Screen

1. Click on Student > Reports
or fill in the menu bar go to menu “9.2” and press enter
or fill in the menu bar go to menu "9.2.65" or “9265”, press enter 
and go to step 3

2. Click in the right screen Enrol education on 9.2.65 - Test participants per student group

NB. Unfortunately it is technically not possible to change the name of the report, even though it is not a logical name.

TIP: If you previously requested this report, then you can also find it in the box Recent executed reports.

3. Enter the course code in the search field Course and the period in Starting block
or search for a course using the magnifying glass next to Course. For details, please consult the manual How to find a course in Osiris Basis, step 3 until 7.

NB. The current Academic year is pre-filled by Osiris. The academic year 2020-2021 is denoted as 2020.

4. In the box Options you can select the Layout (keep it at Aanmeldingen en voorzieningen) and you can select in which sorting order you prefer your overview. Click on a topic and the arrows will become green, which enables moving the selected topic up and down

NB. Yes or No for Print cover page gives the same result, there will be NO cover page. So please ignore this field.

5. Click on Run

6. An Excel file will be created in a few seconds. The file will be downloaded and saved on the computer according to the browser settings (Chrome, Edge or Firefox).

NB. Pay special attention to the columns that indicate whether a student lacks a course enrollment or test enrollment, this usually shows resit-students

Your Excel file might not look like the one above just yet, due to very wide columns. This is to accommodate for the larger columns with the students' extra facilities. To quickly adjust the columns to a proper width, simply click the triangle between column A and row 1 (upper left corner), and dubble-click on the borderline exactly between column A and B (For screensteps of this, check: Step 6 and 7 of the course coordinator manual).  

7. The report has a legend, to explain some terms and columns used in the file. Watch for numbers between brackets in column titles.

Note. This Excel file cannot be used as a grade input file! If you want to learn how to make a grade input file, please consult the manual How to make a grade input file?

Mandatory knowledge (compulsory course or safety requirements)?!

In the report you will find the column Meets mandatory knowledge (where applicable) with student scoring either a Yes or No. These refer to all types of entry requirements: e.g.  compulsory courses passed or safety modules that students have to do to partake in lab practicals and field work. See more here: What are the Safety Requirements for my course?