How to enter a grade for a student who was not enrolled in the exam?

This manual describes how to enter a grade for a student who was not enroled in the exam.

Be aware that students are in principle responsible for their own enrolment, unless enrolment through Osiris is not possible.

It can happen, for different reasons, that a student did an exam for which the student was not enroled, you still want to enter the grade.

You can, even after the exam, enrol the student for this exam in Osiris Basis, see the manual How to enrol a student in an exam - via course search?

After that, a grade can be registered for this student via the usual way, see the manual How to enter a result for an individual student?

Be aware that a student can only be enroled to the test ultimately at the last day of the education period (so not including the selfstudy and exam week).

It is anticipated that this will be changed into the last day of grade entry of a period (expected soon).