How to register a grade for a BSc Thesis?

Please note that there are 19 Bachelor programmes and 28 different BSc thesis codes.

Every programme organises the BSc thesis in a different way, and per programme it differs who is allowed/able to enter the grades.  Contact the course coordinator of the relevant thesis course code if you want to know whether you may/must enter grades and provision percentages.

N.B. provision percentages can only be changed in OSIRIS-Basis. If you enter a grade via OSIRIS-Lecturer, and you do not have a Basis profile, always inform the relevant secretariat of the correct provision percentages. They can then adjust it via the manual How do I enter the provision percentages for a Thesis/Internship/Research Practice student?

In principle, entering a grade for a BSc thesis works the same as entering a grade for a course individually. Coordinators with an OSIRIS-Lecturer profile can only enter a grade when the student is added to the test in OSIRIS-Basis. In OSIRIS-Lecturer it is not possible to add students, therefore you should first ask the secretariat to add the student. After that you can follow the manual How to enter results for individual students

Secretaries or course coordinators with an OSIRIS-Basis profile can do so via the manual How to enter a result for an individual student?

Preferably process the grade for a thesis, internship or research practice on the day it becomes known. And if this is shortly before the last (working) day of a month, bear in mind that you will not exceed this. Otherwise, the student will have to pay an extra month's tuition fee because the grade has not yet been entered. It is agreed that the result will be determined in OSIRIS no later than 10 working days after completion of the last part (e.g. after the oral defence or submission of the final version of the thesis, etc.).

Inform your secretary immediately after registering the result that the final grade is entered as they have to check and arrange the provision percentage (verzorgingspercentage). This cannot be done in OSIRIS-Lecturer!

Take care of entering the correct test date; the day on which the last part of the assessment was completed! For more information: What 'Test date' do I use at grade entry?

If you are too late with grade entry and want to go back further than 10 working days, this must always be discussed with SSC whether this is possible for these student(s).


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