How to start with Osiris, Access Rights, and how do I get help?

New to Osiris?

In this web environment you will find manuals on almost all relevant subjects in Osiris on the left. These are categorized according to the tasks you perform in Osiris Basic. Find them on the left side of your screen.

If you want to get some general information first, you can read the slides on this intranet page (below the Dutch video) that gives you an introduction to the implementation of Osiris. We also recommend that you carefully read the manuals under the GETTING STARTED heading. Starting with How to sign in to Osiris Basis? and What has changed compared to AIR?

Osiris: Access Rights?

It is important to note that Osiris has more "entries" or environments:

  • Osiris Basis (Osiris Secretarial Office) for chair group secretariats, in this environment you can do the most (see everything here on the left);
  • Osiris Lecturer / Supervisor for course coordinators, examiners and study advisors. Course coordinators and examiners can only enter grades and download reports (registration list and pass photo list). Study advisors can check study progress of students, approve (disapprove) exam programs and electives.

In Osiris Basis you have the rights to make adjustments for all courses of your chair group. In Osiris Lecturer / Supervisor, the rights are arranged per course, whereby the study guide is leading for the rights that your colleagues have.

In principle, only the secretary of the chair group is authorized for Osiris Basis, and course coordinators & examiners have rights for Osiris Lecturer / Supervisor, for the courses in which they are involved according to the study guide. Is there someone who requires rights for your chair group in Osiris Basis? Request this via your Key-User (see below) with a clear reason why. Since the options in Osiris Basis are very extensive, we would like to minimize the number of people with these rights. If a colleague needs rights within Osiris Lecturer / Supervisor, you can send an email to [email protected] with the name of the colleague and the course code of the course for which the colleague needs rights.

Contact your Key-users!

Within every department, Osiris key users have been appointed who have contributed to the transition from the previous Student Information System (AIR) to Osiris. With this knowledge and expertise they can provide you with optimal information and support.

If you have a question, please contact one of the key users of your department.

Click here for a list of Osiris key-users.

Stay up to date

You can read up on the latest changes, new features and updated rules regarding Osiris on this page: Osiris Updates-- Check out the recent changes in rules, Osiris screens, options etc.