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How to make an overview of students with special facilities?

Students with an impairment or learning disability can request special facilities for education and exams with the examining board via the student dean. When these facilities are granted, students need to indicate whether they wish to make use of the allocated facilities when registering for a course and/or test.

Previously, students with facilities sent their so-called teacher letter ('docentenbrief') by email to the course coordinator. With the arrival of Osiris, students no longer do this, but an overview must be made after the registration period has closed, so that the requested facilities can be arranged.

Course coordinators can make an overview of students with special facilities via Osiris Docent. When necessary, the secretariat can also make such a report in Osiris Basis.

Each chair group needs to discuss who will arrange the facilities for the students, this could be the course coordinator or the secretariat.

This manual describes how secretariats can make an overview of students with facilities for a course and/or exam in Osiris Basis.

Start Screen

1. Click on Student > Reports
or fill in the menu bar go to menu “9.2” in, and press enter
or fill in the menu bar go to menu “9265” in, press enter and
go to step 3

2. Click in the third column Enrol education on 9.2.65 - Test participants per student group

TIP: If you searched this report in the past than you can also request this list via Recent executed reports.

3. Fill in the course code in the field Course and Period in Starting block
Or search a course using the magnifying glass next to Course. Follow for a detailed instruction the manual
How to find a course in Osiris Basis

NB. The Academic year is pre-filled by Osiris. The academic year 2020-2021 is denoted as 2020.

4. In the box Options you can select in which sorting order you prefer your overview. Click on a topic and the arrows will become green, which enables moving the selected topic up and down

NB. Print cover page is not working for this overview, so it does not matter if you select Yes or No.

5. Click on Run

NB. The report will now be prepared by Osiris and will be sent to your browser.

6. Save the file in a secure location and open the downloaded Excel file

NB. It is important to choose a secure location to safe the file since these are confidential data.
NB. Possibly, you will not see the above shown screen and your browser saves the file automatically in a standard file (often ‘downloads’). In that case, change the settings of your browser.

NB. The report opens in Excel and you can get a warning. If so, click Ja or Yes, as you can trust Osiris as source.

NB. Until we technically manage to adjust the lay out properly in Osiris, you need to customize the report yourself. See Step 6 & 7 in How to make an Excel file of the participants and facilities of the students in my course to see how to do this easily.

7. This Excel file shows all participants for the course and the test, so not only the ones with facilities. When sorting on facilities for course or test you can see which students requested which facility