How to make a grade input file?

If the final grades are in Brightspace, you can also export an Osiris grade input file (with the final grades) from Brightspace, under Grades -> Export for Osiris. See Grades | How to export grades from Brightspace into Osiris

In Osiris, final grades of all students of a course can be registered at once by using a grade input file. This is an Excel file that Osiris can create for you. This can be done in Osiris Secretarial Office as well as in Osiris Lecturer. For details see the manuals What is a grade input file and how to use it? and How to enter results with a grade input file.

This manual describes how to make a grade input file in Osiris Basis/Secretarial Office.

Navigate to the course


1. Click Student > Grades > Test grades
or enter in menu bar go to menu “2.4” and press enter

2. Enter the course code in the field Course

NB. The current academic year is already shown (Academic year 2020-2021 is described as "2020")

3. Click on Search at the bottom

4. Click on the course with the appropriate starting block, this bar will become green and click on the black arrow in front of the course code

Create a grade input file

5. Click in menu ACTIONS, on Create file grades

TIP: If you have chosen the wrong starting block, you can browse this course code using this white arrow (within the current academic year).

6. Make sure All rows is selected, and click Ok

Osiris generates a grades input file, which is an Excel file with students enrolled for this test, specifically designed for importing back into Osiris later.

7. Save this file in a secure environment

Check What is a grade input file and how to use it? to see how to correctly fill in your grade input file.



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